On Setting a Mood

Creating a the perfect atmosphere is another key component in visual storytelling.  Initially, I only fell in love with natural light because I could not afford proper lighting equipment (such is the life of a broke college student).  But this forced marriage proved fruitful after many trials and tribulations, I learned how to manipulate natural light to forge the ambiance I was looking for. 

please reach out

All of my contact information is on my... you guessed it, contact page.  Please do not hesitate to message me on Facebook/Instagram or send me an email with any questions you may have!  Truly, I'm nicer than I look.



My name's Alexander Calvo.  Born and raised in sunny Cleawater, Florida - perpetually stuck somewhere in LA in the 80's.  My second home is in Panama City, Panama where most of my family is from... and yes, hablo pefecto Spanglish.

Why portraits?

Ever since I was a kid I was always drawn to storytelling.  And after I picked up my first DSLR the whole notion of telling a story in a single image was very compelling to me... and also quite challenging at first.  And with all of that said, in the visual arts, nothing tells a story quite like a captivating expression.